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National accreditation requested in all IFDA congresses to the National General Medicine Association


In each country where the IFDA organizes a congress, it guarantees to apply the respective national code of deontology. In consequence, IFDA congresses are always accredited by the national association of family doctors and a certificate of attendance is delivered to all participants at the end of the congress.


Thus, IFDA automatically requests the European accreditation through the UEMS-EACCME. In 2008 all IFDA congresses have been accredited for an average of 9 hours of European external CME credits.


Read more about EACCME - UEMS by clicking here


From European accreditation to local recognition

Most of the National Bodies of Accreditation in Europe but also in the USA recognize the UEMS - EACCME accreditation.

In order to not interfere with National Systems, UEMS-EACCME has chosen to deliver hours of CME credits implying the establishment of a correspondence table between the European hours of credits and local credit points: this is under the responsibility of each National Body.

Therefore, to facilitate this recognition of european credits at individual level, the certificat of attendance together with the UEMS-EACCME accreditation handdled at IFDA congresses must be sent to your National body of accreditation upon your return from the congress.


In case the UEMS-EACCME accreditation is not available on-site, make a copy of the list of the accredited congresses published on the home page of the EACCME website (click here for a direct access) and send it back together with your certifciate of participation to your National body of accreditation.


Keep in mind that

  • the certificate of attendance needs to be individually collected during the IFDA congress
  • Any copy of your certificat of attendance will be delivered after IFDA congresses
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