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IFDA in a few words or read more about the International Family Doctors Association and is goals


The International Family Doctors Association (IFDA) stands for the promotion of the highest scientific and practical standards for general practitioners in the whole of Europe.
Represented by more than 15 countries, the IFDA organizes congresses in the whole of Europe per year.

40 international scientific experts form the International Scientific Committee that proposes the program for its European congresses, whereas national committees in each country subsequently adapt it to local demands.

Seeing primary care providers as the key figures in all healthcare systems worldwide, IFDA congresses establish a forum to share knowledge and experience, access the most recent research results with real impact on daily practice, and benefit from contacts with colleagues on an international scale.

Hereby, the IFDA seeks mutual exchange with practitioners from every country and background. It is not settled with mere international medical events, but endorses the evolution of a global medical village that inspires, advances and impacts everyone.


All IFDA congresses are built on the same scheme, with one unique goal:

  • to analyze how we practice
  • to introduce developments in evidence-based medicine
  • to implement changes in the way we practice


Learn more about this concept called “Preuves & Pratiques / Evidences & Practices” by clicking here