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Structure and role of the International Family Doctors Association


IFDA is a non profit organization consisting of :

  • Executive Board
  • International Scientific Committee
  • National Scientific Committee(s)
The main role of the Executive Board is to define dates and location of the next IFDA congresses in collaboration with the National Committee.
The Executive Committee is composed of 5 members from 5 different countries.

The International Scientific Committee elaborates the general scientific program that will be the basis for all congresses of the following year, once approved by the IFDA Executive Committee.
The International Scientific Committee is composed of more than 40 Medical Doctors from 17 countries.


The National Scientific Committee plays 4 main roles :

  • adapting the general scientific program to local demands
  • recommending date and location for an IFDA congress
  • contributing their experience in the conceptualization and realization of IFDA congresses at operational level
  • selecting the local experts who will attend IFDA congresses as speaker or as chairmen


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